Turning Numbers into Information

Your business has grown. You need better information than a simple cashbook can provide. Information to plan. Information to help make better decisions. Information to – inform.
You need Zinform – A Modular Suite of Software Accounting Modules available to mix and match to your business needs.

  • A full General Ledger (not just a cashbook)
  • Advanced Invoicing & Receivables Management
  • Advanced Accounts Payable & Expense Analysis
  • Advanced Inventory Management & Serial Number Tracking
  • Flexible Open-Period Processing
  • Multi location & Branch Reporting
  • Purchase & Sales Order Management
  • Job Costing & Budgeting
  • Fixed Assets and Depreciation
  • Supply Chain Pricing Integration (Supplier Price Books)
  • Full Multi-User with granular permissions and task delegation

Zinform follows on from the popular emPOWER Accounting Suite – a product

supporting hundreds of businesses and thousands of users over 30+ years of success in the NZ and Australian markets.

Utilising a powerful SQL database, almost any level of report can be customised for your specific requirements.




So whether you are an existing emPOWER customer looking to leverage what you have already invested in software and training, or a new customer looking for one of the most comprehensive and best value accounting solutions in the market – talk to us.
We would love to tailor a solution for you.

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